TOMASIK AGENCY is a volleyball agency providing services to professional volleyball players and teams. We are committed to providing the best possible services for our clients.

Our clients are very important to us, we are only satisfied with our work when our clients are happy. We are committed 100% to the interests and satisfaction of our clients. We represent players from many different countries and a diverse range of backgrounds; from young talented with big potential to players with broad international experience, playing at the highest level of volleyball.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality representation and management for players and teams who are dedicated to being the best! That is why we develop excellent relationships with our partners, teams and clients. We strive to be friends not only work partners.

TOMASIK AGENCY has a large network of volleyball connections. Our legacy network is in Europe but we have strong connections in Asia: Japan, China, Korea, the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia. We are developing our partnerships in Italy, Turkey, Qatar, Bahrain, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil.


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Juraj was born in Slovakia and started playing volleyball at the age of 8. He understands the international volleyball industry well, having played professionally 15 years as setter. During his years playing professionally, he earned experience playing in the top divisions in Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and Finland. Juraj is proud to have represented his country at the Junior and Youth Slovakia National team level. Juraj became a professional sports agent in 2009. He takes personal care strategising and managing each of his clients’ careers. His work ethic and personal touch differentiates him from other agents. Juraj does his best to give players the best possible advice, searching for solutions to achieve their dreams easier. He has managed the careers of +100 professional volleyball players.

Derek Guimond
(Scout for women's and men's)

Derek has over 10 years of volleyball experience. He played volleyball at Loyola University Chicago where he won the 2015 NCAA National Championship. After graduating university, he traveled to the U.K. and earned his M.B.A. while playing volleyball for the University of Essex and Tendring VBC, a semi-professional team. Post graduation he moved to London where he currently works as a consultant and plays for IBB Polonia in the Super-8 division of the U.K. national volleyball league. He won the national championship with IBB Polonia in 2016, and the team finished 9th in the CEV challenge cup.